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Economic Growth and Development Conference

September 13-14, 2013
Seigle Hall 304 and L006, Washington University in St. Louis

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and Washington University in St. Louis hosted a conference on economic growth and development on September 13-14, 2013. The organizers were B. Ravikumar and Yongseok Shin. This is the seventh edition of a conference series that started in 2004 at Iowa and continued on at ASU (2006), Pitt (2007), NYU-Stern (2009), UCSB (2010), and Toronto (2012).

Conference Program

Friday, September 13 (Seigle 304)

12:00 pm
Lunch (Seigle 305)

1:00-1:50 pm
"Refugees and Early Childhood Human Capital"
Todd Schoellman (Arizona State University)

2:00-2:50 pm
"Financial Frictions, Occupational Choice and Economic Inequality"
Andres Erosa (UC3M, Spain)
(with Lian Allub)

3:00 pm
Coffee Break

3:30-4:20 pm
"What Ever Happened to the Puerto Rican Sugar Manufacturing Industry?"
James A. Schmitz, Jr. (Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis)
(with Benjamin Bridgman, Michael Maio, and Arilton Teixeira)

4:30-5:20 pm
"Buy, Keep or Sell: Theory and Evidence from Patent Resales"
Ufuk Akcigit (University of Pennsylvania)
(with Murat Alp Celik and Jeremy Greenwood)

6:00 pm
Shuttle Departing from the Knight Center

6:15 pm
Reception and Dinner (The Cheshire Hotel)

Saturday, September 14 (Seigle L006)

9:30-10:20 am
"Economic Development and the Organization of Production"
Nicolas Roys (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
(with Ananth Seshadri)

10:30-11:20 am
"Structural Transformation and the Rural-Urban Divide"
Amartya Lahiri (University of British Columbia)
(with Viktoria Hnatkovska)

11:30 am - 12:20 pm
"Push, Pull and Population Size Effects in Structural Development"
Oksana M. Leukhina (University of Washington)
(with Stephen J. Turnovsky)

12:30 pm

1:30-2:20 pm
"Fertility Change and Household Savings in China: Evidence from a General Equilibrium Model and Micro Data"
Tommaso Porzio (Yale University)
(with Abhijit Banerjee, Xin Meng, and Nancy Qian)

2:30-3:20 pm
"Trade Liberalization, Internal Migration and Cross-region Income Differences: Evidence from China"
Xiaodong Zhu (University of Toronto)
(with Trevor Tombe)

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