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Keynote Address: Beyond Big Data

Hal Varian, Google
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(In)Consistency of Economic Data across Federal Statistical Agencies: What Information Professionals Can Do

Katherine Smith, Council of Professional Associations on Federal Statistics
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Vendors’ Methodologies for Assigning Industry Codes

Melinda Stasch, Cornerstone Research
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Workshop: Not Another Overview of International Economic Sources

Amy West, University of Minnesota
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Restricted Use Data in Economics: A Collaborative Model Between the University of California Berkeley Libraries and D-Lab

Jim Church, University of California, Berkeley

Research support and data management challenges: Is there such thing as too much data?

San Cannon, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (of Statistical Data Visualization)

Tariq Khokhar, World Bank

Panel: Economic and Data Information Literacy in the Classroom

    Faculty-Librarian Collaboration to Integrate Information Literacy and Assessment into
    an Economics Course
    Hiromi Kubo, California State University, Fresno
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    A Stata Course for Undergraduates
    James Ng, University of Notre Dame
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    Statistics as Evidence: Teaching Critical Thinking through the Introductory Statistics
    Mark Ferris, Saint Louis University
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Beyond the Numbers Panel Discussion

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Plenary Address: Open Data at the World Bank: Where It Comes from and Where It’s Going

Neil Fantom, World Bank
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Workshop: OECD Data: Open, Accessible and Free

Kathleen DeBoer, OECD
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Turning Data into Information with a Student Managed Investment Fund

Stephen Johnson, University of South Dakota

Linking Financial Data Sets: Possible Problems and Solutions

Kathleen Dreyer, Columbia University, and Todd Hines, Princeton University
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Taxonomy / Lexicon Project at the US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Dan Gillman, Bureau of Labor Statistics
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Panel Data Surveys and a Richer Policy Discussion

Forrest Wright, Thomson Reuters
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Workshop: Data in the Undergraduate Economics Curriculum: Old and New Practices

Diego Mendez-Carbajo, Illinois Wesleyan University
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Historical economic information

Rebecca Hyde, Saint Louis University, and Katrina Stierholz, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
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Advanced uses of FRED and GeoFRED

Yvetta Fortova, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
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Tools for Librarians Teaching Data Literacy

Mark Bayles, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Please note that not all presenters chose to make their presentations available to the public. We recommend contacting them directly if you would like more information on their session topic.