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MAY 1981

We Are All Supply-Siders Now!

Trends in Federal Revenues: 1955-86

The Supply-Side Effects of Economic Policy

Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Economic Policy Conference of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Laurence H. Meyer, ed.

Foreword and Acknowledgement

Part I: Theory and Evidence

Tax Rates, Factor Employment, and Market Production

Thoughts on the Laffer Curve

Discussion of the Evans Paper

Discussion of the Evans Paper

Part II: Saving and Investment

Tax Policy and Corporate Investment

Discussion of the Sumnmers Paper

Part III: Labor Supply and the Natural Rate of Unemployment

Income and Payroll Tax Policy and Labor Supply

Transfers, Taxes and the NAIRU

Discussion of the Hausman Paper

Discussion of the Hamermesh Paper

Part IV: Luncheon and Dinner Speeches

The Politic of Supply-Side Economics


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