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MARCH/APRIL 2012 Vol. 94, No. 2

Death of a Theory

The author discusses the effectiveness of fiscal approaches to stabilization policy. The conventional wisdom before 2007 was ...

How Home Loan Modification through the 60/40 Plan Can Save the Housing Sector

Many well-respected economists have suggested plans for mortgage restructuring built on the idea of share appreciation mortgages, which generate rather complex transactions with conflicting interests between the lender and the homeowner. The 60/40 Plan, ...

The Dual Mandate: Has the Fed Changed Its Objective?

The Federal Reserve is said to have a dual mandate of price stability and full employment. While the Fed ...

Many Moving Parts: The Latest Look Inside the U.S. Labor Market

The U.S. economy has gained roughly 2.8 million jobs since early 2010. That may be cold comfort ...


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