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7-Year Treasury Constant Maturity Rate    
Percent, Not Seasonally Adjusted
Daily 1969-07-01 to 2015-02-23 (2 days ago)
Monthly 1969-07 to 2015-01 (Feb 2)
Weekly 1969-07-04 to 2015-02-20 (3 days ago)
Mexico / U.S. Foreign Exchange Rate    
Mexican New Pesos to One U.S. Dollar, Not Seasonally Adjusted
Daily 1993-11-08 to 2015-02-20 (3 days ago)
Monthly 1993-11 to 2015-02 (3 days ago)
Annual 1993 to 2014 (Jan 5)
Real GDP at Constant National Prices for Mexico    
Millions of 2005 U.S. Dollars, Annual, Not Seasonally Adjusted1950 to 2011 (2013-08-12)
Homeownership Rate for the United States    
Percent, Not Seasonally Adjusted
Annual 1984 to 2013 (Jul 9)
Quarterly 1965:Q1 to 2014:Q4 (Jan 29)
Delinquency Rate On Single-Family Residential Mortgages, Booked In Domestic Offices, All Commercial Banks    
Percent, Quarterly, Not Seasonally Adjusted1991:Q1 to 2014:Q4 (2 days ago)
Real Trade Weighted U.S. Dollar Index: Broad    
Index March 1973=100, Monthly, Not Seasonally Adjusted1973-01 to 2014-12 (Feb 2)
Real Exports of Goods & Services    
Billions of Chained 2009 Dollars, Annual, Not Seasonally Adjusted1929 to 2014 (Jan 30)
Long-Term Government Bond Yields: 10-year: Main (Including Benchmark) for the United States©    
Percent, Not Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 1955-01 to 2014-12 (Feb 3)
Quarterly 1955:Q1 to 2014:Q4 (Feb 3)
Annual 1955 to 2014 (Feb 3)
GDP Implicit Price Deflator in United States©    
Index 2010=100, Annual, Not Seasonally Adjusted1955 to 2014 (Feb 3)
Federal Funds Target Rate (DISCONTINUED SERIES)    
Percent, Daily, Not Seasonally Adjusted1982-09-27 to 2008-12-15 (2008-12-16)
Real Gross Private Domestic Investment    
Annual, Not Seasonally Adjusted
Compensation of employees: Wages and salaries    
Billions of Dollars, Annual, Not Seasonally Adjusted1929 to 2014 (Jan 30)
Currency in Circulation    
Billions of Dollars, Not Seasonally Adjusted
Weekly 1984-01-04 to 2015-02-25 (58 minutes ago)
Monthly 1917-08 to 2015-01 (Feb 20)
Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers: Food and beverages    
Index 1982-84=100, Not Seasonally Adjusted
Semiannual 1984:H1 to 2014:H1 (Nov 19)
Monthly 1967-01 to 2015-01 (23 hours ago)
Retail Money Funds    
Billions of Dollars, Not Seasonally Adjusted
Weekly 1980-02-04 to 2015-02-16 (17 hours ago)
Monthly 1973-11 to 2015-01 (Feb 12)
Total Construction Spending    
Millions of Dollars, Monthly, Not Seasonally Adjusted1993-01 to 2014-12 (Feb 2)
Interest Rate Paid on Required Reserve Balances (Institutions with 1-Week Maintenance Period) (DISCONTINUED SERIES)    
Percent, Weekly, Not Seasonally Adjusted2008-10-15 to 2013-06-26 (2013-06-26)
Spot Oil Price: West Texas Intermediate (DISCONTINUED SERIES)©    
Dollars per Barrel, Monthly, Not Seasonally Adjusted1946-01 to 2013-07 (2013-08-14)
Households and Nonprofit Organizations; Credit Market Instruments; Liability, Level    
Retail and Food Services Sales    
Millions of Dollars, Monthly, Not Seasonally Adjusted1992-01 to 2015-01 (Feb 12)
Average Weekly Hours of Production and Nonsupervisory Employees: Manufacturing    
Hours, Monthly, Not Seasonally Adjusted1939-01 to 2015-01 (Feb 6)
Imports of goods and services    
Not Seasonally Adjusted
Millions of Dollars, Quarterly 1999:Q1 to 2014:Q3 (Dec 17)
Millions of Dollars, Annual 1999 to 2013 (Jun 18)
Billions of Dollars, Annual 1929 to 2014 (Jan 30)
Households and nonprofit organizations; net worth, Level    
Not Seasonally Adjusted
Millions of Dollars, Quarterly 1945:Q4 to 2014:Q3 (Dec 11)
Millions of Dollars, Annual 1945 to 2013 (Dec 11)
Billions of Dollars, Quarterly 1949:Q4 to 2014:Q3 (Dec 11)
Overnight London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR), based on U.S. Dollar©    
Percent, Daily, Not Seasonally Adjusted2001-01-02 to 2015-02-20 (2 hours ago)
Housing Affordability Index (Composite)©    
Index, Monthly, Not Seasonally Adjusted1981-01 to 2014-12 (Feb 17)
Gross Domestic Product by Expenditure in Constant Prices: Total Gross Domestic Product for the United Kingdom©    
Annual, Not Seasonally Adjusted
Growth Rate Previous Period 1956 to 2014 (Feb 3)
Chained 2000 National Currency Units 1955 to 2014 (Feb 3)
Index 2010=1.00 1955 to 2014 (Feb 3)
Gross government saving    
Billions of Dollars, Annual, Not Seasonally Adjusted1929 to 2013 (Jul 30)
Net Interest Margin for all U.S. Banks    
Percent, Quarterly, Not Seasonally Adjusted1984:Q1 to 2014:Q4 (Feb 19)
Civilian Labor Force Participation Rate - 25 to 54 years    
Percent, Monthly, Not Seasonally Adjusted1948-01 to 2015-01 (Feb 6)
Federal government current expenditures    
Billions of Dollars, Not Seasonally Adjusted
Quarterly 1947:Q1 to 2013:Q4 (Nov 25)
Annual 1929 to 2014 (Jan 30)
Total Vehicle Sales    
Thousands of Units, Monthly, Not Seasonally Adjusted1976-01 to 2015-01 (Feb 13)

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