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Average Hourly Earnings of All Employees: Other Services in Massachusetts (SMU25000008000000003SA)

Source(s): Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
US. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Release: State and Metro Area Employment, Hours, and Earnings (Not a Press Release)  

Description of growth rate formulas  
Seasonally Adjusted 
Notes: The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis seasonally adjusts this series by using the 'x12' package from R with default parameter settings. The package uses the U.S. Bureau of the Census X-12-ARIMA Seasonal Adjustment Program. More information on the 'x12' package can be found at More information on X-12-ARIMA can be found at
Updated: 2015-01-28 2:40 PM CST 

Note: CSV files do not contain header information.

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