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Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices: Insurance Connected with the Dwelling for Euro area (EA11-2000, EA12-2006, EA13-2007, EA15-2008, EA16-2010, EA17-2013, EA18)"© (CP1252EZCCM086NEST)

Source(s): Statistical Office of the European Communities
Release: Harmonized Indices of Consumer Prices (HICP) (Not a Press Release)  

Description of growth rate formulas  
Not Seasonally Adjusted 
Notes: The Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices category "Insurance Connected with the Dwelling (12.5.2)" is a classification of services that includes service charges paid by owner-occupiers and by tenants for the kinds of insurance typically taken out by tenants against fire, theft, water damage, etc. This category excludes service charges paid by owner-occupiers for the kinds of insurance typically taken out by landlords. This category is a subcategory of the Miscellaneous Goods and Service (12) and of Insurance (12.5).

Information provided in the notes pertaining to HICP classifications can be found from the source at:

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Updated: 2014-11-25 10:42 AM CST 

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