Yi Wen

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Ph.D. Economics
University of Iowa

M.A. Philosophy of Science
Notre Dame University
Southbend, Indiana

B.S. Medical Sciences
West China University of Medical Sciences

Contact Info

Phone: (314) 444-8559
Fax: (314) 444-8731
Email: Yi.Wen@stls.frb.org

Research Division
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
P.O. Box 442
St. Louis, MO 63166-0442

For media inquiries contact:
Laura Girresch
Office: (314) 444-6166
Cell: (314) 348-3639

Yi Wen

Published Papers

"Sentiments and Aggregate Demand Fluctuations"
with Jess Benhabib and Pengfei Wang
FORTHCOMING: Econometrica.

"What Inventories Tell Us about Aggregate Fluctuations -- A Tractable Approach to (S,s) Policies"
with Pengfei Wang and Zhiwei Xu
FORTHCOMING: Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control.

"Two-Way Capital Flows and Global Imbalances"
with Pengfei Wang and Zhiwei Xu
FORTHCOMING: Economic Journal.

"Money, Liquidity and Welfare"
European Economic Review, May 2015, 76, pp. 1-24.

"Leveraged Borrowing and Boom-Bust Cycles"
with Patrick A. Pintus
Review of Economic Dynamics, October 2013, 16(4), pp. 617-633.

"Hayashi Meets Kiyotaki and Moore: A Theory of Capital Adjustment Costs"
with Pengfei Wang
Review of Economic Dynamics, September 2012, 15(2), pp. 207-225.

"Speculative Bubbles and Financial Crisis"
with Pengfei Wang
American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, July 2012, 4(3), pp. 184-221.

"Housing Prices and the High Chinese Saving Rate Puzzle"
with Xin Wang
China economic review, June 2012, 23(2), pp. 265-283.

"OPEC’s Oil Exporting Strategy and Macroeconomic (In)Stability"
with Luís Aguiar-Conraria
Energy Economics, January 2012, 34(1), pp. 132-36.

"Understanding the effects of technology shocks"
with Pengfei Wang
Review of Economic Dynamics, October 2011, 14(4), pp. 705-24.

"Input and Output Inventory Dynamics"
American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, October 2011, 3(4), pp. 1-33.

"Volatility, growth, and welfare"
with Pengfei Wang
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, May 2011.

"Global Indeterminacy in Locally Determinate RBC Models"
with Tarek Coury
International Journal of Economic Theory, March 2009, 5(1), pp. 49-60.

"Imperfect Competition and Indeterminacy of Aggregate Output"
with Pengfei Wang
Journal of Economic Theory, November 2008, 143(1), pp. 519-40.

"A Note on Oil Dependence and Economic Instability"
with Luís Aguiar-Conraria
Macroeconomic Dynamics, November 2008, 12(5), pp. 717-23.

"Inflation Dynamics: A Cross-Country Investigation"
with Pengfei Wang
Journal of Monetary Economics, October 2007, 54(7), pp. 2004-31.

"Understanding the Large Negative Impact of Oil Shocks"
with Luís Aguiar-Conraria
Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, June 2007, 39(4), pp. 925-44.

"Uniform Working Hours and Structural Unemployment"
with Haoming Liu and Lijun Zhu
Annals of Economics and Finance, May 2007, 8(1), pp. 113-36.

"Measuring Interest Rates as Determined by Thrift and Productivity"
with Woon Gyu Choi
Annals of Economics and Finance, May 2007, 8(1), pp. 159-87.

"Production and Inventory Behavior of Capital"
Annals of Economics and Finance, May 2007, 8(1), pp. 87-104.

"What's Unique About the Federal Funds Rate? Evidence From a Spectral Perspective"
with Lucio Sarno and Daniel L. Thornton
Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, April 2007, 69(2), pp. 293-319.

"By Force of Demand: Explaining International Comovements"
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, January 2007, 31(1), pp. 1-23.

"Another Look at Sticky Prices and Output Persistence"
with Pengfei Wang
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, December 2006, 30(12), pp. 2533-52.

"Demand Shocks and Economic Fluctuations"
Economics Letters, March 2006, 90(3), pp. 373-83.

"Understanding the Inventory Cycle"
Journal of Monetary Economics, November 2005, 52(8), pp. 1533-55.

"Endogenous Money or Sticky Prices? Comment on Monetary Non-Neutrality and Inflation Dynamics"
with Pengfei Wang
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, August 2005, 29(8), pp. 1361-83.

"Indeterminacy, Aggregate Demand, And The Real Business Cycle"
with Jess Benhabib
Journal Of Monetary Economics, April 2004, 51(3), pp. 503-30.

"What Does It Take To Explain Procyclical Productivity?"
Contributions To Macroeconomics, 2004, 4(1), pp. 1-38.

"The Business Cycle Effects Of Christmas"
Journal Of Monetary Economics, September 2002, 49(6), pp. 1289-314.

"Joint Time-Frequency Distributions for Business Cycle Analysis"
with Sharif Md. Raihan and Bing Zeng
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, December 2001, 2252(2001), pp. 347-58.

"A Generalized Method Of Impulse Identification"
Economics Letters, December 2001, 73(3), pp. 367-74.

"Residential Investment and Economic Growth"
Annals Of Economics And Finance, November 2001, 2(2), pp. 437-44.

"Understanding Self-Fulfilling Rational Expectations Equilibria In Real-Business-Cycle Models"
Journal Of Economic Dynamics And Control, August 2001, 25(8), pp. 1221-40.

"A Simple Nonlinear Filter For Economic Time Series Analysis"
with Bing Zeng
Economics Letters, August 1999, 64(2), pp. 151-60.

"Can A Real Business Cycle Model Pass The Watson Test?"
Journal Of Monetary Economics, August 1998, 42(1), pp. 185-203.

"Investment Cycles"
Journal Of Economic Dynamics And Control, May 1998, 22(7), pp. 1139-65.

"Capacity Utilization Under Increasing Returns To Scale"
Journal Of Economic Theory, July 1998, 81(1), pp. 7-36.

"Indeterminacy, Dynamic Adjustment Costs, And Cycles"
Economics Letters, May 1998, 59(2), pp. 213-16.

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