Daniel L. Thornton

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Ph.D. Economics
University of Missouri-Columbia

M.S. Economics
Arizona State University

B.A. Economics
Parsons College

Daniel L. Thornton

Working Papers

"An Evaluation of Event-Study Evidence on the Effectiveness of the FOMC’s LSAP Program: Are the Announcement Effects Identified?"
Working Paper 2013-033B, posted October 2013, updated March 2014.

"How Effective Is Central Bank Forward Guidance?"
with Clemens J.M. Kool
Working Paper 2012-063A, posted December 2012.

"Evidence on The Portfolio Balance Channel of Quantitative Easing"
Working Paper 2012-015A, posted June 2012, updated October 2012.

"Greenspan’s Conundrum and the Fed’s Ability to Affect Long-Term Yields"
Working Paper 2012-036A, posted September 2012.

"Predictions of Short-Term Rates and the Expectations Hypothesis"
with Massimo Guidolin
Working Paper 2010-013B, posted May 2010, updated January 2011.

"The Effectiveness of Unconventional Monetary Policy: The Term Auction Facility"
Working Paper 2010-044A, posted October 2010.

"The Unusual Behavior of the Federal Funds Rate and Treasury Yields: A Conundrum or an Instance of Goodhart’s Law?"
Working Paper 2007-039C, posted September 2007, updated August 2010.

"Revisiting the Predictability of Bond Risk Premia"
with Giorgio Valente
Working Paper 2009-009A, posted March 2009.

"Resolving the Unbiasedness Puzzle in the Foreign Exchange Market"
Working Paper 2009-002A, posted January 2009.

"Monetary Policy: Why Money Matters and Interest Rates Don’t"
Working Paper 2008-011A, posted May 2008.

"The Daily and Policy-Relevant Liquidity Effects"
Working Paper 2007-001B, posted January 2007, updated November 2007.

"Resolving the Unbiasedness and Forward Premium Puzzles"
Working Paper 2007-014A, posted March 2007.

"The Daily Liquidity Effect"
Working Paper 2006-020A, posted April 2006.

"A New Federal Funds Rate Target Series: September 27, 1982 - December 31, 1993"
Working Paper 2005-032A, posted May 2005.

"Predictions of Short-Term Rates and the Expectations Hypothesis of the Term Structure of Interest Rates"
Working Paper 2004-010A, posted June 2004, updated January 2005.

"A Dynamic Factor Analysis of the Response of U. S. Interest Rates to News"
with Marco Lippi
Working Paper 2004-013A, posted July 2004.

"Do Bank Loan Rates Exhibit a Countercyclical Mark-up?"
with Michael J. Dueker
Working Paper 1997-004A, posted February 1997.

"Discount Rate Policies of Five Federal Reserve Chairmen"
Working Paper 1996-001A, posted February 1996.

"Asymmetry in the Prime Rate and Firms' Preference for Internal Finance"
with Michael J. Dueker
Working Paper 1994-017A, posted 1994.

"Should Consumer Expenditures be the Scale Variable in Empirical Money Demand Equations?"
Working Paper 1988-003A, posted 1988.

"Weighted Monetary Aggregates As Intermediate Targets"
with Dallas S. Batten
Working Paper 1985-010A, posted 1985.

"Tests of Price Sluggishness in the U.K."
with K. Alec Chrystal
Working Paper 1984-019A, posted 1984.

"A Note on the Relative Efficiency of the Cochrane-Orcutt and OLS Estimators when the Autocorrelation Process has a Finite Past"
Working Paper 1984-002A, posted 1984.

"The Appropriate Autocorrelation Transformation when the Autocorrelation Process has a Finite Past"
Working Paper 1982-002B, posted February 1982, updated May 1983.

"Endpoint Constraints and the St. Louis Equation: A Clarification"
with Dallas S. Batten
Working Paper 1983-001A, posted 1983.

"Complete Results for Lag Length Selection"
with Dallas S. Batten
Working Paper 1983-009A, posted 1983.

"The Real-Balance Effect with Resource-Using Money: A Capital-Theoretic Interpretation"
Working Paper 1983-010A, posted 1983.

"Lag-Length Selection Criteria: Empirical Results from the St. Louis Equation"
with Dallas S. Batten
Working Paper 1983-008A, posted 1983.

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Journal of Economic Education, Spring 1977, 8(2), pp. 93-9.