Daniel L. Thornton

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Ph.D. Economics
University of Missouri-Columbia

M.S. Economics
Arizona State University

B.A. Economics
Parsons College

Daniel L. Thornton


"Monetary Policy: Why Money Matters, and Interest Rates Don’t"
FORTHCOMING: Journal of Macroeconomics.

“The Federal Reserve's response to the financial crisis: what it did and what it should have done,” in Developments in Macro-Finance Yield Curve Modelling, Jagjit S. Chadha, Alain C.J. Durre, Michael A.S. Joyce, and Lucio Sarno, eds, Cambridge University Press, 2014, 90-120.

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Oxford Economic Papers, January 2014, 66(1), pp. 67-87.

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with Andrea Monticini
Journal of Macroeconomics, September 2013, 37, pp. 345-348.

"Out-of-Sample Predictions of Bond Excess Returns with Forward Rates: An Asset-Allocation Perspective"
with Giorgio Valente
Review of Financial Studies, October 2012, 25 (10), pp. 3141-3168.
Published Article

"The Phillips Curve and US Monetary Policy: What the FOMC Transcripts Tell Us"
with Ellen E. Meade
Oxford Economic Papers, April 2012, 64, pp. 197-216.

"How Did We Get to Inflation Targeting and Where Do We Go Now? A Perspective From the U.S. Experience"
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with Pasquale Della Corte and Lucio Sarno
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"In-Service Education and its Effects on Secondary Students: A New Approach"
with George M. Vredeveld

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Journal of Economic Education, Spring 1977, 8(2), pp. 93-9.