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Department of Economics
Campus Box, 1208
Washington University
St. Louis, MO 63130-3629

David Levine

Research Fellow

Selected Publications

"Infinite-Horizon Models of Bargaining with One-Sided Incomplete Information," (with D. Fudenberg and J. Tirole), in Game-Theoretic Models of Bargaining, ed. Alvin E. Roth, Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, 73-98, 1985.

"Comparative Statics and Perfect Foresight in Infinite Horizon Economies," (with T. Kehoe), Econometrica, 53: 433-453, 1985.

"Reputation and Equilibrium Selection in Games with a Patient Player," (with D. Fudenberg), Econometrica, 57: 759-778, 1989.

"Efficiency and the Value of Money," Review of Economic Studies, 56: 77-88, 1989.

"Maintaining a Reputation when Strategies are Imperfectly Observed," (with D. Fudenberg), Review of Economic Studies, 59: 561-580, 1992.

Working Papers

"Conflict, Evolution, Hegemony, and the Power of the State"
with Salvatore Modica
Working Paper 2013-023A, posted July 2013.

"The Case Against Patents"
with Michele Boldrin
Working Paper 2012-035A, posted September 2012.

"An Approximate Dual-Self Model and Paradoxes of Choice under Risk"
with Drew Fudenberg and Zacharias Maniadis
Working Paper 2012-034A, posted August 2012.

"Evolving to the Impatience Trap: The Example of the Farmer-Sheriff Game"
with Salvatore Modica, Federico Weinschelbaum, and Felipe Zurita
Working Paper 2012-033A, posted August 2012.

"Conflict and the Evolution of Societies"
with Salvatore Modica
Working Paper 2012-032A, posted August 2012.

"Codes of Conduct, Private Information, and Repeated Games"
with Juan I. Block
Working Paper 2012-031A, posted August 2012.

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