Tom Garrett

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Ph.D. Economics
West Virginia University,
Morgantown, West Virginia

M.A. Economics
West Virginia University,
Morgantown, West Virginia

B.S. Economics
Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania,
Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

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Thomas A. Garrett

Other Publications, Book Reviews, and Edited Volumes

"The Political Economy of FEMA Disaster Payments"
with Russell S. Sobel
Charles Rowley and Friedrich Schneider, eds., The Encyclopedia of Public Choice, Kluwer, 2003.

"Betting on the Future: Policy Issues and Implications for the West Virginia Lottery"
with Russell S. Sobel
The West Virginia Public Affairs Reporter, The Institute for Public Affairs, West Virginia University, Spring 1999.

"Earmarking Property Tax Revenues for Educations: Now You See Them Now You Don't"
with Robert Lawson
Perspectives on Current Issues, The Buckeye Institute, April 1998.

"Comments on 'Why Government Succeeds and Why It Fails'"
by Amihai Glazer and Lawrence Rothenberg
Public Choice, March 2002, 110(3/4), pp. 393-96.

"An Introduction to State and Local Public Finance"
with John C. Leatherman
Scott Loveridge, ed., The Web-Book of Regional Science, The Regional Research Institute, West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia, 2000.

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