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Prof Dr Aleksander Berentsen
University of Basel
Peter Merian-Weg 6
4002 Basel

Aleksander Berentsen

Research Fellow

Recent Publications

"Optimal Stabilization Policy with Endogenous Firm Entry"
with Christopher J. Waller
Macroeconomic Dynamics, April 2015, 19 (03), pp. 669-700.

"Floor Systems for Implementing Monetary Policy: Some Unpleasant Fiscal Arithmetic"
with Alessandro Marchesiani and Christopher J. Waller
Review of Economic Dynamics, July 2014, 17(3), pp. 523-542.

"Optimal Disclosure Policy and Undue Diligence"
with David Andolfatto and Christopher J. Waller
Journal of Economic Theory, January 2014, 149, pp. 128-152.

"Price Level Targeting and Stabilization Policy"
with Christopher J. Waller
Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, October 2011, 43(s2), pp. 559-80.

"Outside Versus Inside Bonds: A Modigliani-Miller type result for liquidity constrained economies"
with Christopher J. Waller
Journal of Economic Theory, September 2011, 146(5), pp. 1852-87.

Inflation and Unemployment in the Long Run, 2011.
American Economic Review, 101(1), 371-98.
With Guido Menzio, University of Pennsylvania, USA and Randall Wright, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Central Bank Design with Heterogeneous Agents, 2009.
European Economic Review, 53(2), 139-152.
With Carlo Strub, University Of Basel.

Monetary Policy in a Channel System, 2008.
Journal of Monetary Economics, 55(6), 1067-1080.
With Cyril Monnet, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.

Learning, Public Good Provision and the Information Trap, 2008.
Journal of Public Economics, 92, 998-1010.
With Simon Loertscher, University of Melbourne, USA and Esther Bruegger, NERA Economic Consulting, USA.

On Cheating, Doping and Whistleblowing, 2008.
European Journal of Political Economy, 24(2), 415-436.
With Simon Loertscher, University of Melbourne, USA and Esther Bruegger, NERA Economic Consulting, USA.

Friedman Meets Hosios: Efficiency in Search Models of Money, 2007.
The Economic Journal 117 (516), 174-195.
With Guillaume Rocheteau, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, USA, and Shouyong Shi, University of Toronto, Canada.

Money, Credit and Banking, 2007.
Journal of Economic Theory, 135(1), 171-195.
With Gabriele Camera, Purdue University, USA, and Christopher Waller, University of Notre Dame, USA.

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